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Healthcare & Universities Brand Implementation

The Principle US team is trusted by education institutions and healthcare facilities across North America due to their ability to implement branding programs on time and on budget!

We utilize our project management capabilities and organizational skills to deliver signage programs across multiple sites for clients including Health Management Associates (HMA) and the Loyola University of Chicago.

When HMA acquired Mercy Health Partners a rebranding project was required that spanned 35 campuses covering approx. 3 million sq ft.

The branding exercise at Loyola University was time-sensitive as all signage on the campus, which included more than 40 buildings, needed to be completed during the students' summer break.

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University of Tennessee

Principle Sculpt Bronze Signature To Honor US Sport Icon

Trusted by education and healthcare facilities across the US.
Delivering brand implementation projects to colleges and universities.
Signage and wayfinding programs delivered by Principle.
Signage program delivered during summer break for Loyola University.
Experts in project management and brand implementation.
Time-sensitive project delivered on time and budget.
Working with HMA to deliver new branding for Tennova.
Rebranding project across 35 campuses for Health Management Associates.
Universal design for rebrand of time-sensitive installation.
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